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This Is How to Increase the Value of Your Community Property

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Increasing the value of your community property is important. Especially now. Business writer Jason Lee of Deseret News writes, “Now, an unforeseen historic event has created turmoil and resulted in the reexamination of the economic picture for the area…” What does this mean for property owners? It means you need to a...

How to Resolve HOA Concerns

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With more people working from home, there are bound to be problems. Especially in condominiums, apartments, townhomes, and subdivisions where tenants tend to live close. But, if tensions rise, some of these tenants can take out their frustration on the HOA. Enforcing the rules is never easy. This is why we’ve outlined some...

Are you an HOA Board Member? Here are some of the liabilities to watch for….

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                                    Serving on an HOA comes with BIG responsibilities. Serving on an HOA board is a great way to bring new ideas to your association while developing leadership skills. However, unlike most other volunteer ro...